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Adaire Palmer has a passion for helping people help people.

She is keen to bring people together and her superpowers include developing communities using technology like chatbots and platforms like Facebook. Adaire brings a sense of fun and a child-like curiosity to her work and she loves working with small businesses to use technology to grow.

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As a recognised thought leader in the social media industry, Adaire is a sought after speaker and facilitator. Use technology to optimise the customer journey from inspirational browsing through to post stay. The South Australian tourism industry is heavily dependent on our natural environment and we all share a responsibility to consider strategies and opportunities to reduce our own carbon footprint, while preparing for our changing climate. Her research has mainly focused on the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems.

Please note: This is a standalone event, tickets are NOT included in the conference packages. Delegates are eligible to attend the seminar at a discounted cost. Mark has been actively involved in all facets of the industry: international, domestic, wholesale, retail, inbound, group travel, product development and marketing. The Skilling South Australia initiative is helping people gain skills and qualifications to build lasting careers, encompassing a range of activities to support more apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

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Callan has over a decade of experience working at in senior leadership roles in the South Australian and National VET sector, for both not-for-profit and State Government, and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of key policies, practices and trends, impacting training, employment and social inclusion. From the establishment of Virgin Australia and ten years of inspiring change in the aviation industry, Brett has now turned his attention to transforming tourism in conservation areas with multi-day walking experiences throughout Australia.

Transformational projects in the tourism sector require vision, bravery and bringing others along the planned delivery in order to supply real outcomes for the investor, other tourism businesses, the community, regions and State. Simon will share personal insights into the trials and tribulations of establishing unique and often contentious tourism experiences, and his thoughts on the future. Simon consults both nationally and internationally, providing expert advice on operations, new destination evaluation, market evaluation, and infrastructure and experience development.

The confectionery and fruit snack manufacturer and brand marketer includes numerous brands and retail stores. Each State and Territory has a different approach.

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How can local government engage with the visitor economy. Arming our Tourism Managers to advocate for tourism to local government executive and councillors. How we can support each other to share knowledge, advice and develop best practice solutions. Achieving tourism positive attitudes in regional communities. Donna has a passion for regional Australia and the opportunities our regions have through the development of strong visitor economies. She enjoys serving on the Board of Australian Regional Tourism to ensure the importance of our contribution to the regional and national economy is recognised by State and Federal Government decision makers and the Regional Visitor Economy is integrated into all strategic plans at all levels of government.

Adelaide Airport has been one of the fastest growing international airports in the country since privatisation. What does the future hold for connectivity of the gateway to South Australia? LinkedIn is no longer just online CV, it has grown to be one of the biggest professional online social media networks. Leveraging LinkedIn to improve your own personal brand and position yourself appropriately within the professional realm is a key to sustained business success and growth. NB: We recommend that all attendees bring laptops with access to their LinkedIn profiles, as this workshop is designed to be interactive, with activity time set aside for them to actively update their profile and utilize the platform.

Her strong practical focus on tangible outcomes, combined with an extensive background in business, and a wealth of marketing knowledge, Simone is well placed to take you through the social media minefield that is the modern age of marketing. The struggle many regional events are having is real! There are some fundamental things that event committees can be doing to make their event more sustainable, and their job as a volunteer much easier.

We will share this with you in this practical workshop. She is a regional tourism strategist and practitioner boasting a suite of regional tourism and event expertise with LGAs and RTOs across Australia in regional tourism and event development, tourism strategy, destination marketing, regional branding and capability building. Adventure Based Learning ABL is a form of experiential education that if delivered effectively, can have positive impacts on well-being.

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Find out what this is all about and how ABL can add value to your tourism business, your bottom line and even perhaps, your life. A little bit of theory, a little bit of listening, a whole lot of doing! Rod Quintrell is an experienced group facilitator with qualifications and experience in tourism, counselling and outdoor recreation. Rod has years of experience in small business, tourism and mental health. Rod writes and delivers programs for corporate, conference and specialised populations.

The typical internet user is watching around 1. In this highly interactive workshop we will take you through how to use some of our favourite video tools, and at the end of the session you will be able to create video content to tell the story of your business. The South Australian Government and the South Australian Heritage Council are both keen to bolster heritage tourism, bring a better understanding of its potential and help operators realise its economic and community benefits. The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice.

No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Abstract The rise and spread of the Internet has led to the emergence of a new form of word of mouth WOM : electronic word of mouth eWOM , considered one of the most influential informal media among consumers, businesses, and the population at large. Introduction Consumers increasingly use online tools e. Background Word of mouth is one of the oldest ways of conveying information Dellarocas, , and it has been defined in many ways.

WOM vs. WOM eWOM Credibility The receiver of the information knows the communicator positive influence on credibility Anonymity between the communicator and the receiver of the information negative influence on credibility Privacy The conversation is private, interpersonal via dialogs , and conducted in real time The shared information is not private and, because it is written down, can sometimes be viewed by anyone and at any time Diffusion speed Messages spread slowly.

Users must be present when the information is being shared Messages are conveyed more quickly between users and, via the Internet, can be conveyed at any time Accessibility Less accessible Easily accessible. Open in a separate window.

Tourism Business Frontiers: consumers, products and industry (Tourism Futures)

Conclusion This paper has reviewed the literature with a view to providing a clearer understanding of WOM and eWOM in the context of consumer information searches. Author Contributions This paper tries to offer a clearer understanding of the two concepts through a literature review and an exploration of how, as a result of advances in ICT, traditional WOM has given rise to eWOM. Conflict of Interest Statement The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

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The characteristics of electronic word-of-mouth and its influence on the intention to repurchase online. The impact of destination source credibility on destination satisfaction: the mediating effects of destination attachment and destination image. Effects of restaurant satisfaction and knowledge sharing motivation on eWOM intentions: the moderating role of technology acceptance factors.

Even more, online aggregators such as Google Shopping or Kayak diminish the cost of searching for information that allows consumers to expand their sources of information. This is just the iceberg of a new business orientation where consumers drive the initiative where companies must provide the institutional and technological marketplaces in order to make exchanges possible.