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In a nutshell, the guide approaches the topic with a no-nonsense attitude and teaches expectant parents about everything gear-related by explaining the various options available while offering practical advice — most importantly, on the issue of safety. By reading this book, you will be able to make well-informed decisions on what products you will need and should buy.

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There is a whole chapter dealing with situations that may immediately arise after the birth, followed by very comprehensive chapters dedicated to all the essentials of caring for the little one — feeding, sleeping, bowel issues and bath time. There is also one very unique chapter on how to understand your baby, an area currently unexplored in the baby books genre. With a new family member on the way, you may experience new concerns, making this a great guide.

A parenting classic written by a mother of four boys, this particular baby book is a compilation of pragmatic advice on how to deal with a new baby. It offers a comprehensive guide on things like how to introduce the new baby to its older sibling, reorganising your daily routine around the children, as well as tackling undesirable behaviour resulting from sibling rivalry. This survival guide will offer all the helpful solutions and reassurance you need.

Hopefully, these books will help ease some of the stress and help prepare you for the exciting months ahead!

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