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However, he soon becomes fully awake again and regains the Rainbow Sword, using it to restore the rainbows that Dark Matter had stolen. Kirby can walk, jump, swim and, by puffing himself up, fly through the levels, as well as using his trademark inhaling ability which, under normal conditions, does not work while flying or swimming to suck in weak opponents. Upon doing so, he can either spit them out in the form of stars to cause damage to other enemies or duck to swallow them. Like in Kirby's Adventure and most future games of the Kirby series , swallowing certain foes lets Kirby copy their abilities , his current ability being displayed in the bottom-right corner.

Kirby cannot inhale while possessing an ability, and he keeps it until he takes damage or discards it with the Select button. The ability can be recovered, however, by inhaling and swallowing the star that appears when it is lost.

The "Traditional" Kirby Games

Unlike in most other games of the series, Kirby may use any of his copied abilities underwater. Defeating enemies, as well as inhaling Star Blocks , adds to Kirby's score, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, but does not influence gameplay. Touching something harmful reduces Kirby's health or that of his Animal Friend , which can be restored by collecting certain items. Losing all of his health makes Kirby lose a life, forcing him to restart at the beginning of the section.

All of the Kirby Games, Ranked From Worst to Best | USgamer

Once he runs out of lives, he has to restart from the last saved game. The game is divided into seven levels in the form of islands, which can be reached from the Island Selection screen by using a Warp Star. Each island itself is divided into different stages accessible by entering the doors in the level's Stage Selection screen, which, like in Kirby's Adventure , is presented in a side-scrolling environment. Levels, as well as individual stages, have to be completed in a set order, but Kirby may return to them as many times as he wishes even after their completion.

When Kirby is in a stage he has already completed, he may leave at any time by pausing the game with the Start button and selecting "EXIT". Once all the numbered stages are completed, the level's boss door opens up, leading to a room which contains a strong opponent.

Emerging victorious from the ensuing battle makes the next level appear on the world map, granting Kirby access to it. Unlike regular stages, boss doors can only be re-entered once, which lets Kirby play a bonus game.

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The nature of this game varies between levels, but always involves collecting small stars and ends when Kirby takes damage or after a set amount of time. Finishing the bonus chance with all the small stars and without taking damage awards Kirby a 1-Up.

Completing a bonus chance adds to the overall completion of the game. In addition to finishing all of the game's levels, Kirby also has to recover the Rainbow Drops hidden away in them. Every island contains one Rainbow Drop, which is located in a special room in one of the stages and always requires a certain Copy Ability to obtain.

As levels can be re-entered at any given time, it is not necessary to collect all of the drops in a single run; however, Kirby cannot fight Dark Matter and complete the game without them. Rainbow Drops that have already been collected are shown on top of the island's picture on the Island Selection screen. They can be found in certain locations and always start out trapped in a large bag hanging from the ceiling, which causes damage to Kirby if he collides with it.

To free the friend, Kirby has to clear the screen of enemies or defeat a Mid-Boss.

When he touches a rescued Animal Friend, he is automatically given a ride by it. Each Animal Friend possesses unique strengths, and combining Copy Abilities with friends upgrades them into completely new powers. Kirby's friend accompanies him until his life meter, which is seperate from Kirby's, hits zero, or Kirby chooses to send him away with the Select button. Touching a Propeller Bomb enemy also causes the friend to disappear.

Once lost, a friend cannot be reacquired except by freeing him from a bag once more. Kirby's progress is saved automatically after completing a stage, using one of three save slots that can be selected using the File Select menu accessed from the title screen. Unlike in previous games, Kirby's score, health meter, number of lives, Copy Ability and current friend are stored in addition to the status of completion. The game takes place on the Rainbow Islands , a group of seven islands which each consist of several stages, as well as a boss.

Kirby has to defeat the boss at the end of each island in order to continue to the next one. All the islands have to be tackled in the order given below; it is not possible to access them in any other order.

Navigation menu

Kirby encounters various friends during his journey, which are initially trapped inside bags and normally have to be rescued by defeating the enemy or Mid-Boss guarding them. While paired up with a friend, the background music changes to that particular character's theme music outside of level hubs, boss battles and Rainbow Drop chambers. Kirby's friends possess a seperate health meter from himself; once all their health is lost, Kirby loses the friend, but may continue by himself as long as his own health remains above zero.

Throughout the game, Kirby may come across several items that can help him if he picks them up. In addition to being found in various levels, all of the items mentioned below, apart from the Rainbow Drops, can be acquired during the short bonus game that follows the completion of a stage. Kirby can acquire special powers by inhaling and swallowing certain enemies and Mid-Bosses. When he possesses a power, the B button lets him attack with it instead of causing him to inhale. Certain types of blocks can only be destroyed by using a particular power.

When Kirby teams up with an Animal Friend while possessing an ability, he receives a new power, based on the nature of the Copy Ability as well as the friend he picks. Sometimes, certain combinations are necessary to destroy the blocks keeping Kirby from acquiring a Rainbow Drop.

Enemies make up the bulk of the opponents Kirby encounters on his journey. Most of them can be defeated in one hit, as well as inhaled and either spat out or swallowed. Swallowing certain types grants Kirby a Copy Ability.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Nintendo Game Boy, 1995)

On rare instances, an enemy may be seen guarding an Animal Friend ; Kirby has to defeat it in order to free the friend. Destroying an enemy awards Kirby an amount of points that differs depending on the enemy type. If Kirby defeats the enemy by inhaling it, the resulting points are cut in half.

Wii Longplay [017] Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Part 1 of 2)

Common enemies have only 1 HP each except invincible ones. Mid-Bosses are strong foes that are always encountered in separate rooms containing no other opponents besides them. They possess their own life meter, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, replacing the score display for the duration of the fight.

They are usually found guarding one of Kirby's Animal Friends ; defeating the Mid-Boss frees the friend from captivity, as well as enabling Kirby to inhale and swallow the Mid-Boss to gain its Copy Ability. All Mid-Bosses have 30 HP each and are worth points. Behind the final door of every island, a boss is waiting for Kirby.

Like Mid-Bosses, bosses also possess a health meter. They do not guard helpers or yield abilities, but defeating them is required in order to progress to the next island. After a boss is beaten, Kirby may re-enter its door to play a bonus chance that lets him acquire extra lives. His bonus chance has him spitting small stars and apples at Kirby. This boss's bonus chance consists of Nellys and small stars appearing from the sides of the screen and moving along the ledges; Nruff does not appear during it. Sweet Stuff is absent from its bonus chance, which instead requires Kirby to dodge Gordos in the water while collecting small stars.

Ice Dragon does not appear in its bonus chance, which requires Kirby to dodge the Icicles falling from above while catching small stars. During their bonus chance, Mr. Shine bounces around while Mr.

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Bright, floating at the top, sends dangerous bullets as well as small stars downwards. Kirby's Dream Land 2 was generally well received, with more than 1. On GameRankings , the game holds a ranking of From WiKirby, your independent source of Kirby knowledge. With the help of three friends, Kirby sets out on his latest quest to save Dream Land.