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Though the winter solstice itself lasts only a moment in time, it is also popularly used to refer to the day on which it takes place.

When is the shortest day of the year in the UK and what time will sunrise and sunset be?

Official start of astronomical winter, the WinterSolstice , arrives Friday, December 21st at p. Delhi saw 10 hours and 19 minutes of the sun that same winter solstice.


The sun traces a path across the sky that changes ever so slightly every day. We also see the sun rise and set in the East and West at different points in the horizon.

Welcome to winter solstice, the shortest day of the year

Both these trends reverse their direction every winter and summer solstice. The solstices and the equinoxes mark the four-yearly astronomical turning points as the earth makes it way around the sun. The earliest people on earth observed the sun as an object in the sky. It came and went, taking a curved path in the sky, and there was a whole lot that was dependent on the fiery yellow ball in the sky.

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  • When is the shortest day of the year 2018 in the UK and what time will sunrise and sunset be?.
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The number of hours of daylight and point in the horizon that the sun would set — all depending on the day of the year, which, too, is decided by the sun. Today, we see the solstice very differently. Over time, we got a different perspective of the massive star we are gravitationally tethered to — from the vantage point of space.

Zenith Furthest Away from the Equator

Each year around December, the winter solstice brings a reversal in the length of day and night, when the nights begin to grow shorter, and the days longer. For added glamour, there will also be a full moon and the Ursid meteor shower around the solstice.

Though the moon becomes full at It will be the year's final full moon, or 'Cold Moon' as it is called in the West. The weather on earth always lags behind the calendar year by a month or two.


The winter solstice does not mean that the sun sets at its earliest on the day. Most places in the mid-latitudes, India included, see their earliest sunset two weeks before the solstice. This was such a cool festival to be a part of. Their communication with filmmakers in the run up to the day is on point.

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They really care about new talent and film which made the whole experience feel worthwhile. I got to see a great variety of other films too within my category.

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Definitely recommend this one! Had an amazing time screening at Shortest Nights. Was super chilled and friendly atmosphere, really lovely people, and some amazing films. Great atomsphere, Great people and Inspiring films. Thank you. Fantastic festival with great communication from the organisers. It was an honour to have our film selected and I will definitely be looking at submitting in the future.

Great fun and a lovely venue, especially in the middle of the Summer. Very welcoming and laid back atmosphere; highly recommend attendance if you've got something screening. About Rules Reviews Photos. Entries Closed.

Google doodle marks winter solstice, which is noted as the shortest day of the year

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